Who am I?

blog ini jujur seratus persen menceritakan tentang kisah sedih-senang-bahagianya seorang margareta dwiyanti.. kenapa bukan margareta’s weblog tapi koq pake nama redsuitee?? apa sech redsuitee? ini nama bukan sembarang nama.. semua ada asal muasalnya.. red artinya merah n suitee artinya maniez, maksudnya??? gw itu redholic banged n gw itu manies (PD aje.red) tapi ya itulah sejarahnya.. intinya redsuitee’s weblog isinya semua cerita yang berhubungan sama gw.. mu tau lebih lanjut obrak-abrik aja sendiri dech.. dibuka untuk umum koq 😉

awalnya tujuan membuat blog ini, semata-mata hanya karena tugas.. but, waktu baca comment temen yang bilang kalo tulisan-tulisan yang gw buat jadi inspirasi.. gw berniat banged untuk bisa terus menulis, biar bisa tetep memberkati orang-orang yang baca walaupun hanya dengan membaca apa yang gw alami dalam hidup gw.. hope ke depannya, hidup kalian pun bisa kembali menjadi inspirasi bagi orang lain.. jangan hanya menjadi korban sejarah tapi jadilah seorang pencetak sejarah.. Gbu all

overview about myself based on a quiz .. sedikit banyak, banyak benernya 😀

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don’t judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren’t necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people’s eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:

You are very serious about relationships and aren’t interested in wasting time with people you don’t really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.

Your views on education

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:

You’re a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you’ll be set for life.

How do you view success:

You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don’t succeed. Don’t give up when you haven’t yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

  1. You’ve got great self-confidence and you’re full of charm. Most guys who get to know you will be attracted to you. You are far from sweet and proper; your intriguing personality fascinates them. Most guys find it easy to fall for a girl like you.
  2. You don’t really care about other people’s feelings. You do things the way you want and usually think only about yourself. You are easy-going and love to have fun, but you can be irresponsible as well. You are not keen on serious discussions because they can make you remember that life isn’t always about parties.
  3. You strictly follow rules, and you expect other people to be the same as well. People can get tired of you easily, as you can make them feel a little guilty about themselves. You always make decisions on your own, and can be dismissive of other people’s advice. You like to be the leader in groups, but can forget to be concerned about the people you are with.
  4. Guys see you as being a thinker and a careful person. They will be really attracted to this quality in you, but you need to learn to speak your mind, otherwise people will find you too shy and quiet. Learn to relax and lighten up–it’s okay to have fun sometimes. When you learn to develop your fun-loving side, guys are going to flock to your side.
  5. Your boyfriend believes that you are a strong and independent person. Your confidence and cheerfulness make you an attractive person to be around, but sometimes you need to pay more attention to what other people, including your boyfriend, are thinking.

You desire a love that will last forever. You are quite serious about finding this type of love, and that’s why you think carefully about the men that you meet before deciding whether you could really love them. You don’t just develop a crush on someone overnight: you look at a person’s personality and other aspects of their life before deciding to form an attachment. If a guy doesn’t meet your expectations, you would rather be alone. Your love has to be perfect. Be careful though, you could be missing out on some worthy relationships because your standards are so high.

Your kindness is your charm – you are also gentle and sweet. Everybody likes to be around people with your personality. Like a psychologist, people like to talk to you to discuss their problems because you are proper and discrete, as well as confident. You look mature and people respect you. People with this kind of character are few and far between.

You value your friendships quite a lot but you don’t like to show your feelings to others. You would rather keep your feelings to yourself than share them with your friends. You might get a pleasant surprise if you are more open about caring for people – they will probably let you know that you’re special to them, too.

16 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. sesama Redholic neh… ^_^
    apa ya yang mau di comment in? …. hmmm
    pic nya deh yang di atas, warna nya kemerahan, jadi nya gak nature.
    trus kasih pic kamu yang paling manis dong… jangan pic yg itu.
    tapi udah bagus, cukup close up di muka nya, dimana wajah kamu tampak jelas di sana.

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