back home

After 128 days lived in Auckland, New Zealand..
I was here again.. In Jakarta.. In Indonesia..
I arrived around 10.30am at Soekarno Hatta Airport yesterday..

Jakarta hasn’t changed..
Still very very very hot..
And traffic everywhere..
While I arrived, I already sweated..
And while I were going home, I already got stuck in a long traffic jam..
Followed by heavy raining at the afternoon, the flood almost reached my home..

Dec 22 2012, a day that people called as a mother’s day..
I’m going back to my routine 5months ago..
Stay at my bedroom and do nothing..
My mind is not here now..
I already miss my life in Auckland..

3days ago, I were not sure whether I’ll come back to Auckland or not..
2days ago, I decided to come back there..
1day ago, I were leaving Auckland..
And today, I feel pretty sure that I really want to go back there..

God, pleaseee..
Let me go back to a place that I lived during last 4months..
My community.. Fresh air.. Great scenery.. Fewer people.. Moore St House.. Also my heart and soul..
I miss them..
I wanna live my life around them..
Please, God..