back home

After 128 days lived in Auckland, New Zealand..
I was here again.. In Jakarta.. In Indonesia..
I arrived around 10.30am at Soekarno Hatta Airport yesterday..

Jakarta hasn’t changed..
Still very very very hot..
And traffic everywhere..
While I arrived, I already sweated..
And while I were going home, I already got stuck in a long traffic jam..
Followed by heavy raining at the afternoon, the flood almost reached my home..

Dec 22 2012, a day that people called as a mother’s day..
I’m going back to my routine 5months ago..
Stay at my bedroom and do nothing..
My mind is not here now..
I already miss my life in Auckland..

3days ago, I were not sure whether I’ll come back to Auckland or not..
2days ago, I decided to come back there..
1day ago, I were leaving Auckland..
And today, I feel pretty sure that I really want to go back there..

God, pleaseee..
Let me go back to a place that I lived during last 4months..
My community.. Fresh air.. Great scenery.. Fewer people.. Moore St House.. Also my heart and soul..
I miss them..
I wanna live my life around them..
Please, God..

this is a command

“My command is this love each other as I have loved you” John 15:12

We cannot love the unlovely in our own strength but God will fill us with love.
He has always loved you and always will.
He has became a good model for us.
Rest in His love and let it overflow to all you meet.

kia ora aotearoa

OMG I’ve been here for 4weeks.. It feels so long..
Yea here, in Aotearoa..
Aotearoa means new zealand in maori language..
And kia ora means “helo”..
So far, I feel good enough to be here..

And tomorrow, I’ll start my english course..
Nervous? Not too much anymore, after spent a month for holiday :p
Well yea, wish me luck for tomorrow and 4months ahead (∩_∩)