just overheard a next door sitter conversation..
the situation is like below :
come mr. A with one bag in one hand and a box at the another one..
then he sat next to mr. B..
then the conversation began :
mr. B offered to give some space near his foot to put mr. A box..
mr. A: is that OK sir?
mr. B: yes, sure.. we’re neighbors on this bus.. *giggling*

a few mins later, mr. B took out his snack and -again- offered it to mr. A..
mr. A: no thanks, I’m fine
mr. B: we’re neighbors, no need to hesitate..
mr. A: no thanks, I’m good I just ate my breakfast this morning
mr. B: ok take it, just one
then eventually mr. A took it and be thankful for it..

now mr. A took out his mineral water and gave one to mr. B and mr. B also be grateful for mr. A kindness.. and they continue talking about every things..

what a beautiful scene that blessed me a lot this morning.. this is one of the reasons I love to use public transportation, to see how people interacting to each other 😊
I wonder if this kind of characteristic owned by every human being, how great is that? 😊

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