Wohoooo I just turned to 27 a few days ago..
Happy birthday to me..
Happy birthday to me..
Happy birthday..
Happy birthday..
Happy birthday to me..

Isn’t it so sad? Sing the birthday song for your ownself? Hahahaha
Well actually I was not that happy..
*Babe gendud* didn’t call me..
D’aj didn’t give me greetings in the morning like they always do 😦
Just because it was a long weekend so people were busy with their own lives.. Huhuhuhuhuhuhu
And I’m forgotten.. lol *kidding*

That’s not the thing that made me feel upset..
What matter is because I don’t know what should I achieve this year..
Well actually I got a lot of things to do..
But I’m not eager to get it anymore..
Too tired maybe? I don’t know..

And also kinda feeling guilty because I started the new age by doing something that I think wouldn’t please God..
Oh man.. I hope I’m still forgiven..
And His Grace and Holy Spirit will help me to lead my way to walk on the truth till the end of my life..


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