the reasons

After everything has happened last year, I eager to devote my life again to bring impacts as much as I can give to people surround me..
Upgrading myself more and more.. Giving more and more..
Cause I realized that I don’t own my own life..
This life is not mine alone..
This life is not only about me..

I got a nice quotation says something like this

There’s NO NEED to be PERFECT to INSPIRE others
Let others get INSPIRED by how you DEAL with your IMPERFECTION

And I think it’s kinda true somehow..

Now I wanna share several things that make me so enthusiastic to face this year ..The first reason is this bunch of young people :]
I’ve been with them for years..
I saw how they grow, physically and spiritually..
Some new people came and some left..
Been spent one third of my life with them..

I still wanna do some great things more and more for them and with them..
I believe that God put them in my life for a special reason and vice versa..
I hope one day, I could see a generation that knows well that they are loved and have an extremely passionate to love Him back :]

Second one is my sisterhood.. hahahaha ^.^
Here they are, the most unique pretty girls on the earth with every beauty of each character..
LITE48_feb14I always feel it’s kinda unbelievable every time I see this picture..
We’re TWELVE!!! It’s time to make a new girlband.. hahahaha *kidding*

Once upon a time, we only consist of 4 girls..
As time goes by, we’ve been “breeding” and now we’re twelve..
And amazingly we all are girls..
They are my cell group community name LITE..
LITE stands for Live In The Eloi..
I have a dream that we will grow and fully conscious that as women, we are designed uniquely and so precious..
And we live according to His words because we want to please Him..

The last thing that I remember at the moment is herrrrrr………….
I’m now her English private teacher ^.^
She is my student name Vanessa Estelle Tantiana, Ko Den’s first daughter..
There’s a particular reason why I became an English teacher even though I know that my English is not that perfect.. hahaha
At the end of 2013, I was thinking to do more and more than before..
Especially in order to maximize my time (read : “killing my leisure time”) as a “jomblowati” hahaha
So I thought I have to address myself doing something else beside my main job..

So here I am now, got my life back as a programmer and an English teacher at the same time.. And also a numerous number of duties at church..
It made me so excited and enthusiastic..


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