frequently unexpected disaster

The last couple days ago, Jakarta’s disaster, flooding, attacked my home..
flooding-my-homeThank God, tonight the rain didn’t come to this town..
At least, *I wish* it could help to not make the situation getting worse..
Also please pray for several disasters in Indonesia -> massive flood and landslide in Manado, Sinabung volcanic eruption, and flooding at several spots in Jakarta..

Speaking of, this annually disaster reached the peak position for the first time in this year was on January 17th..
At the same time, it reminded me to the last year story..
A super massive flood attacked this town which never happened in the past decades in the mid of January..
flood-Jakarta-2013Unintentionally, a day before I and my D’Aj friends were flying to Seoul, South Korea.. It sounds like an escaping project :p
I remember a day before our holiday, the rain fell everyday but not on the day we left this city and I believe that was God who hold the rain on that day 😀

We got the updates about our lovely city by the time we reached our hostel in Seoul.. The majority of contacts in my BBM list shouted about the tremendous disaster I ever see in the town..
To be honest, we were a bit evil because we laughed when we saw the pictures.. Can’t believe that God allowed us to get there..
At one side, we felt sorry about the condition and also worried about our relatives’ condition in Jakarta..
However, at the other side, we were happy enough because we didn’t trapped in that situation and could have our holiday in the country which is well-known by Ginseng..
Even though we had to deal with the coldness of winter, something that we haven’t experienced before.. hahahaha
Well it’s just another story of my life, one of the memorable ones [I mean the holiday trip] :]


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