fix it instead of throw it away

I was a bit angry yesterday..
Actually it was caused by a silly reason..
However *still* I got pissed off it a lil bit..

A teen girl told me that she just removed her blackberry messenger on her device unintentionally..
She wanted to get it back so that she asked me whether I remember or not her credential account, I helped her to set it up previously..
Well I just remember her email account but not the password..
Along the chat, I thought the girl was still tryin to find it out..
Until I got a new friend request on my BBM and it was her with her new BBM pin..

Yes, that was a story which got me pissed off..
And the girl was not the first person did that, previously there was a boy did the same thing..
even though I told him to not to create the new one and asked him to try to fix it..
Although I told him I’d help him, he still created the new one eventually -_-
Maybe you feel strange about me, why should I mad about that?
Yes, for some people those were common stories..
However for me, I still wonder why people don’t try to fix something instead of throw it away and get the new one..
Well I realize we could get so many things these days, we also could do anything by the power of technology..
And also it’s easier to get the new one instead of trying to fix the old one..
Argh it’s hard to explain what I feel right now ToT

To be honest, they reminded me to the picture above that I’ve seen on social media when I was in *galau* mode ON after broke up with my ex..
What I’m talking about here it’s not only about a BBM application..
But in real life how do you treat or deal with something.. For example a relationship..
Well to be honest I’m having some relationship issues the past few months with so many people..
I’ll pick one of them as a sample, not about my ex because it’s too complicated.. hahahaha
Recently my relationship with my inner circle was not that good..
I talked with one of them and I told her that I was pretty sad with our condition lately..
I found that, the closer we get, the bigger the chance for us to hurt each other *unintentionally*..
And I realized during these past time, we went through so many circumstances in our friendship, the good ones and also the bad ones..
Maybe it’s easier to forget the happy moments rather than the bad ones..
The longer we keep them, the worse we will be..
I want our relationship become fun again, like before..
and I wouldn’t get it if we did nothing, if I did nothing..
Might be easier to making new good friends at our workplace, considering we work at different places..
and yea, it’s easier to throw the old one and get the new one..
But it can’t be applied on me..
Maybe I’m stubborn and also a typical of person who appreciates what I have and like to take care of things..

It also came into my dream last night..
At the moment, I don’t remember my dream clearly enough..
What I remember is I was trying to fix my relationship issues..
It’s not easy though, I should deal with my ego..
Yea, the biggest enemy was myself..
In my dream, I saw that I try so hard to reconcile with people..
some of them were not quite cooperative.. Although there was a happy ending in the end, we all reconciled..
My mind brought me to a video that I’ve watched a long time ago, kindness chain

Today I might be the one who fight alone to fix it..
However I believe that started with one act, the other good things will follow by themselves automatically..
love might works like a poison, it’s contagious, it could spread easily..
the question is do you want to start it first? ;]