Some *not important* updates

Just because my cha, you’ll always be my cha :], asked me about my blog’s update yesterday..
So I *forced* myself to write something here..
All the information I will type are not so important for you, but hey u might want to know how’s my life from the last couple weeks? Or maybe couple months? Hahaha
I wouldn’t force you to read this *not so important* information..
For you, yes you!!, who are *kepo* enough, let’s check it out.. lol

1. I’m *free* and I’m happy 》if you know what I mean *copas from apprentice K*
2. I got a new job at S*G* Head Office as a developer again.. better salary of coz.. yeay…
God is good and He always be :]
During these 3 weeks,  I already made 2 apps.. one is an iPad dummy/simulator app and a queuing system app.. those are simple apps actually but hey it’s a good accomplishment considering I’m newbie in .NET world.. lol
So happy that I’m productive again ^^
3. I threw a chance to be interviewed by a company in oz.. 😦
4. I just lost my st*rbucks tumbler last friday at office >.<
Still no wonder there is a tumbler’s thief :p
Uhmm let’s think positive, maybe I might get a new one from someone who has a kind heart to give me another tumbler or maybe the Christmas edition because their theme is red *hint/modus*
Just to remind you that red is my name and also flowing in my blood since I was born (of course it is, because blood is red :p )
5. I got my ticket for my next holiday destination to Hong Kong.. Still have no idea what can I do for a week at that city.. I just wanna go there and see Venetian (miniature of Venice, the most romantic place in my dream world :p) in Macau.. hohoho
I’m open for suggestions.. lol
6. What else??? Ahh.. I got a new friend and luckily he is a smart guy who develop one of the popular messaging app in Asia.. I could gain more knowledge from him.. I’m craving for knowledge.. sorry oppa I took you for granted.. lol
7. I just bought a The Body Shop parfum that I haven’t tried yet 》it’s the most not important information :p
8. I got my dog finally!! Yeayyyy.. her name is bella ^^
She is a pomeranian and so lovely and adorable ♥.♥

9. I also got my new bed.. not really new actually.. but hey it has been just in my room since yesterday..
10. I got some relationship problems with a few close ppl around me.. the bad news is I haven’t fixed them yet.. and the good news is I’ve been trying to fix it and still trying.. I hope it will be clear as soon as possible..
11. I joined a prayer group and we committed to pray and also fasting during 40 days towards the end of year.. just pray pray pray and fasting..

Uhmmm.. I think that’s enough for now..
Good night and jaljayo!!!
Love you guys…


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