You’re not alone

6 months have been passed away since my last post.. only 3 months left toward the end of year.. time flies so fast..
The world changed.. People changed.. Things changed..
But one thing for sure, He’s always the same now and forever..

Today I got so many blessings..
Eva, my Chinese friend who lives in Canada, greeted me this morning and our conversation continued to a long one..
She gave me such a great support..
I shed my tears -again-, not because the problem itself but to knowing that I still such a good friend like her, a lovely person that God placed around me to remind me that I’m loved :]

I was so blessed by one of my cell group members.. To be honest, she’s one of the reasons why I decided to give my best shot again to maximize my cell group..
Encourage them to getting closer to God, together we learn the bible deeper, etc..
Actually I almost gave up on her..
Week by week, I didn’t see any improvement on her..
She always brought her excuses everytime I gave her the truth.. I was tired to tell her about the truth all the time while she always refused it..
But tonight, when she shared about her life, I was blessed.. I believe the others also got the bless through her story..
At the beginning, she told us that she thinks that God isn’t fair..
She didn’t satisfied with her life.. She thought that she’s not enough lucky compared to her friends’ lives..
But….. The story didn’t stop there..
She also said there’s a song that reminded her about how God loves her.. and all she had right now is a proof that God loves her and as the reflection she realized that she hasn’t done something for God as a proof that she also loves God..
Seriously, she never did that before..
To not just complaining but also open her heart to learn the process God has given..
I told her that I hope this new her doesn’t stop there.. I hope it’d long last..
I also reminded the others that the key of every problem we have is to draw ourselves close to God.. Because He can give us anything we need, to be remembered that we might not getting what we ask but what we need..
I also hope this cell group could grow from the quality perspective and also quantity as well..
I hope we could reach our aim too..
LITE  》Live In The Eloi

One thing that I learn that in every stormy gale, He never leave us, yet He put people around us as His extension to guard us..
He always keep His eyes on us, His beloved child :]


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