new career in 2013

Today was exactly four weeks I’ve been working at Cakra Studio.
Located in the middle of the central business area in Jakarta, I started my new career here.
Working as a Project Manager is really a new thing for me.
To be honest I even don’t know about project’s flow properly.. hahahaha
Considering my previous position as an Assistant Development Manager, my current boss thought I’d be able to help him to handle many projects at a time.
Although for me, this thing is really different from my past experiences.
This company is a software house company based on Web application while my previous company was a (hospitality) solution house based on Desktop application.
So it’s totally different..

My first week here was so boring..
I don’t know what to do, just waiting an order from my boss..
While he was quite busy with his own business and I didn’t have any guides to help me to understand what should I do..
A bit hesitation came into my mind, I want a job that’s quite challenging for me, so is this suit on me?
FYI : as a project manager, I’m no longer doing programming.
That’s why I felt this job, it’s not challenging enough for me :p
Usually I have to think so hard to solve some code problems but not anymore now..
At the other side, I remember few years ago I had a dream to continue my study and take a management major because I also love managing something..
This reason always encourage myself to keep trying in this job..
I think maybe it’s just my time to explore another talent of mine..
When I was in the university, my lecture also said that a programmer is actually like a “slave”, you paid not so good to work so hard..
So that you have to be a system analyst at least if you don’t want to be a slave..
Now I reach to that kind of position but it’s look like I can’t appreciate what God has given to me..
Well I’m still trying to do my best in this job…
Ya maybe I still need to adapt with this new job, new responsible, new job desc, new friends, new boss..

A temptation came last week, when I got a job offer from a huge software company in Jakarta..
It’s a Metrodata company group, the head hunter was trying to persuade me to accept his offer..
Another temptation came from a huge multinational company, Nielsen Company, they wanted to interview me..
I remember that once time I had a dream to work in one of those companies..
But I rejected them now for my current company, is that a good move? >,<
I don’t know..
Also yesterday I got another job interview at Ares Quantum Capital..
Those things made my doubt bigger and bigger…

I hope I made a right decision..


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