less of me, more of YOU

I remember when Steve, the pastor of House Of Praise (HOP) – my local church in New Zealand, mentioned those words a couple week ago.
I don’t know why those words appealed me so much.. It still remains in my heart and in my head for sure..
He reminded us to be a true disciple..
He said that there are so many christian today don’t reflect Him anymore..

It made me remember about something, a week before I talked with one of my classmates..
I just want to invite her to join the cell group on that day..
I even haven’t said any words about the cell group and then she started to tell me about herself..
She said that she has no religion.. She was a Christian..
As she saw that Christian’s life is not good enough, she decided to leave her identity as a christian.
It is very ironic, isn’t it?
I still tried to invite to join with me, but she refused..

It hit me.. I was thinking about that..
What happened with us? with christian people?
Where are the christian people who well known as good people?

Steve said that we don’t have to think to do something too big to make a difference..
Be a true disciple wherever God has put you now..
Let us be a model in our conduct, even from the most simple thing in our life, our words!
Can you believe that a small thing in our life could change others’ life? So be careful!

On that day, Steve also told us some stories about their church when they started the church 10 years ago.
During these 10 years, they have been equipping many people and some of those people spread around the world now.
Fulfilled the Great Commission to spread His words and equip one and another around the world.
Then I felt like God haven’t finished with me yet..
He talked to me again, you have friends that come from a few countries at your school.. And that is your field!
God didn’t make all of these things as a coincidence, He had planned everything!!!

Since that day, I promised myself to not let any of my days become meaningless..
I have to do something.. This is what He want me to do..
To be His witness wherever I go..
This is my life for YOU.. For Your Glory, not for mine..


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