DayLight Savings

Today is the the second week for me to experiencing daylight saving in New Zealand. What is daylight savings? Have a look at <a href=”“>here</a>..
Moreover today is my first day in IELTS class, previously I took communicate English, at Auckland English Academy.
Today’s morning was horrible. It’s not nearly as good as last monday, it’s even worse >.<
I woke up so late last monday and also this morning.
Yesterday I made an appointment with  one of my friends that I will go to to school together. Therefore I promised her that me n my boy will pick her up at 7.45 am at the bus station near her house.
I heard someone knocked my door this morning and then I woke up and looked at the clock, it already showed 7.45.
How shocked I am >.<
I jumped out of my bed, I didn’t take a bath (oups), I only brushed my tooth and dressed up >.<
Can you imagine how horrible it is?????
At the first day I was going to my new class and also had an appointment with friend, I didn’t take a bath?!?!
It happened also last week and also on Monday..
I don’t know what’s wrong with Monday, why do I always woke up SO late on that day???
But last week was much better, I woke up at 7.15, even i didn’t have a time to take a bath too.. hahahaha
That was so much better than today because a day before, we went home so late and I still took a bath at the night.
It was different with yesterday, I only took a bath at the morning and not at the night :p
I was asking myself, why didn’t I wake up this morning?
It’s kind of impossible that I didn’t hear my alarm..
What happened with my alarm??
Then I remembered that I chose “full turn off” my phone’s power before I slept and it caused the alarm didn’t ring this morning.. Dooohhhh >.<
Oohhhhh why should I got a thing like this???
I can’t lie that the weather was very comfy for everybody to get a long sleep, especially on Monday :p
Back to a couple weeks ago when Le woke up late, I wonder how if it was me..
At my home, if I didn’t wake up yet in the morning, my mom would try to wake me up..
But here????
Yea.. I just really hope it wouldn’t happen anymore on next Monday or even on the another day *crossfinger*
daylight savings.. oh daylight savings..

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