hello everyone

I was a bit confused when my morning lecture, Nick, said that we only have 5mins to discuss a topic last Friday.. Actually we still have about 15minutes more before the lunch time to continue the class..
And after 5mins passed, Nick encouraged all of us to stand up and go outside the room immediately..
I was just thinking, what happened actually with that day? Anything special?? What is the people going to do??

There are a lot of people outside the class.. I can see that all of student have came out of their class..
After a few minutes, one of my classmate, name Hiroshi (we already know that he came from Japan without he told us :p ), he told me that there is a kind of ceremony every Friday..
He said that all of new students and the students who has the last day that week should sit “there” (he showed some chairs in the middle of the crowd)
I was a bit shocked.. T_T

After that, I still stood in front of the class and still didn’t brave enough to take a seat there..
Until the principal, Mike, called my name to sit at the HOT SEAT.. Every eyes starred at me..
He said that I should introduce myself to everyone there..
When I took a seat, I was the only one who sat at the seat.. I was so embarrasing..
And when I was starting introduce myself..
One of the lecture reacted like she was surprising when I said I come from Indonesia.. hehehehehehe
What happened with my beloved country? :p

Yea that’s my short story :p
And today, Nick reminds us especially to the new students that we have 4 goals..
One of them is writing in English.. I think I’m not late enough to start practice my writing (here) :p
*If you’d love too, you can help me to correct my writing, thankyou 🙂


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