what a world we live

This morning, my boyfriend told me about what has just happened in his office..
He is an IT guy and this morning, he got a phonecall from his client..
Short of the story, he wants to copy a big size folder from a drive to another at the client’s PC..
Let’s called ‘acong’ as his client (it’s a fake name :p )
So he tried to give some directions to acong through phone and here is the conversation:
Le: I need you to copy that folder to your computer
Accong: done
Le: what happened?
Acong: Nothing, it’s finished
Le: it can’t be, it’s a gig big
Acong: But it’s finished
Le: what did you do?
Acong: I clicked copy. Is that all I have to do?
Le: ……………….. (Are you kidding me?)
You gotta click paste on your folder somewhere
Acong: Oh
Le: (facepalm)

I laughed and can’t believe that in this modern era, even in this modern city, there’s still a people who doesn’t understand how to copy things in computer?
Can you believe it? Or do you have a same story?
I’d loved to hear if you want to share here 😀


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