learning english

from now on, I’ll try to write my blog with English.. Why?
Simple! Because I want to improve my English :p

Since 3days ago, I’ve been taking an English course in Auckland..
I really need the course because I’m not confident enough with my English..
Even I can get what people talk about if they’re talking in English..
But I rarely use my English when I was in Indonesia..
And I regret about it >_<

First day at the school, I took a placement test.. And the result proves that my English is not so bad..
There is Mick, who interviewed me at that day after the test..
When he read my papers, he said that my English is good..
And then he throw some questions, some of them are interesting for me..
He asked “where did I learn English?”
Actually I’m a bit confused, why did some people I met here asked about that to me?
Is it weird if we get English subject when we’re in school?
So I think, the answer will be at school definitely.. Is there another common possibilities?
The second interesting question is “so why do you want to learn English in New Zealand?”
And my answer was so simple, “because my boyfriend lives here”
Next question is where did we met? I said that we met in Indonesia..
Then a miscommunication happened..
Mick thought that my boyfriend is kiwi, and in my head, he is Indonesian.
So he asked “Do your boyfriend speak Indonesian?”
It made me a bit confused here, I thought “Of course, he can, he is Indonesian”
But I only answered him with a -confused- “yes”
Mick was getting curious, “Does he speak Indonesian? And which is best, his Indonesian or his English?”
When I told Leo about it, he said that I haven’t told Mick that he is Indonesian.
That’s so stupid :p
In the end of the conversation, Mick said he will put me in the top level class.

I have two class in a day, grammar class 9am till 12pm and conversation class from 1pm till 3pm.
In the morning class, I have Nick as my lecture and Lil in the afternoon class..
Nick is a young man that’s so tall for me.. I guess his high is about 200cm or more :p
And Lil is an old woman, around 50 years old, who is so cheerful and a bit noisy for me :p
And the class is dominated by Korean girls..
They are Abey, the chubby girl; Amy, the sweet one; Kate, she looks so mature; and Mina the Korean artist -wannabe- hehehehehehe
There are the other students in the class besides the Korean girls.
They are Hiroshi, an old man from Japan; Karen, the Chile woman and Fernando, the Brazilian man.
And me as a newcomer from INDONESIA… Woooohoooooo!!!!
Next time, I’ll post our photograph, two days ago we took a photo together 🙂
Okay that’s enough my story about my first day school…
I’ll continue my story for sure.. See yaaaa ^^


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