unhappy Tuesday morning

I’m trying to wake up earlier every morning..
so that I can arrive at office on time..
one of my intention is I want to be a good model for my colleagues..

about 10 to 8, I’ve ready to go..
on that time, usually I’ll get to the office on time..
Today I saw the sky and it was dark..
I didn’t know what’s on my daddy thought..
he still wanted to drive me to office by motorcycle..
and I still kept silent and followed him..

we’ve just got about 100meters and my daddy asked me, “should we take the car?”
I said, up to you..
then he kept driving and a few seconds later, the rain down..
so we turned back home, took the car..
and it was 8.10 ~_~

and now I’m -still- in the car..
it’s very hard to be a good girl when thing’s going like this..
even just to smile >.<


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