Can you see them??

The gentleman who drew this is Joe Castillo.  He went to Asbury Theological

He did this during a chapel service.  It was fascinating – he told the Gospel
story – each part of Jesus’ life – and he was drawing the story as he told the
story. We didn’t realize until the end what the entire picture was.
A rare talent!

The ‘longer’ you look at this picture,
the ‘more’ you see.

Look  at the lines the artist used to draw this picture
of Christ..

It is of  scenes from Christ’s life.
I have not seen anything like  this

Share this with a friend or two.
In the Circle of  God’s love, God is waiting to use
your full potential.
May God Always  Bless You and Yours!

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6 thoughts on “Can you see them??

  1. Iya, keliatan kok ada gambar2 ceritanya.

    Mint = Tukangbakmi
    Pas jalan2 di fos nemu kesini , salam kenal.

    btw, maap komen gw malah seringnya bikin postnya jadi dihapus ^^

  2. ohhhh si tukang bakmi toh..

    link mint ditaro di blog aq ga apa kan?
    ehm soal jadi diapus ga apa lagi..
    thanx banged malah buat informasi n komen yg cukup kritis..
    baik lum tentu benar tapi yang benar pasti baik 😉
    thanx friend

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